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Senakangoeli HIV/AIDS Resource Centre

Phela will launch the Senakangoeli HIV and AIDS Resource Centre on December 6th 2012. Senakangoeli, or “glow-worm” in Sesotho, is seen as an omen of good luck and a bright future, which is what the center hopes to be to the country.


Welcome to Phela

PHELA Health & Development Communications is a non-profit making health and development communication organisation that uses the power of the mass media (radio, tv and print) community strategies to disseminate information with the aim to have a positive impact on social and behavior change. We provide reliable, helpful and accurate information on HIV and other health and development-related issues that are relevant to Lesotho.
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We have a blog where we post our daily activities to keep you updated on everything that we have been up to.
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We have created an interactive forum where registered members can participate in conversations and engage with others.
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The aim of the Phela Friends (life skills) project is to train club leaders in Primary and Secondary Schools around Lesotho. These leaders are trained on life skills so as to act as peer educators to others. [Read More]

One Love

The One love campaign is a programme that aims is to contribute to the reduction of HIV incidence by creating awareness on the relationship between MCP and HIV using both mass media and community mobilization campaigns to contribute to positive behavior change.
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The Letlama project aims to improve the health of Basotho people by reducing the incidence of HIV infection through the promotion of protective behaviors and support for healthier social norms among young people 15-24 and adults 25-35.Read More


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