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One Love

The One love campaign is a programme that aims is to contribute to the reduction of HIV incidence by creating awareness on the relationship between MCP and HIV using both mass media and community mobilization campaigns to contribute to positive behavior change.

Through the One Love Campaign 2 workshops have been hosted with the intention to bring couples to learn and discuss together some issues on the drivers of MCP and what couples can do collectively to improve their relationships to decrease their vulnerability to HIV and MCP. The agenda for the workshop include the following:

  • Statistics on MCP and HIV in Lesotho
  • Drivers of Multi Concurrent Partnerships?
  • How to enhance your relationship – role of men and women in relationships.

Relationships: Intimacy Without Risk, prorammes that includes a facilitator’s guide and training manual and materials that local Sesotho facilitators use to carry out discussion sessions that aim to stimulate deeper dialogue around relationship issues and HIV prevention have been developed.. Additional tools used on this programme include videos for group discussion and movie nights and games for couples.

The Community Dialogue program is the first of its kind in Lesotho. During the series of conversations with groups of adults, participants reflect on how they can improve their relationships and sexual lives without taking on extra lovers. The sessions are spread over 11 weeks. It is important to include the 11 weeks of time to allow people to think about what they are learning and to go through a process of change in their values, attitudes, and behavior. The conversations help to mobilize and engage communities in conversations that encourage and empower them to address their own concerns with the practice of MCP.



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